Chicago Charity Challenge Named The People's Choice of Chicago Innovation Awards
          Chicago, Ill. — Chicago Charity Challenge has been chosen as The People’s Choice Award winner of the 15th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards, an honor recognizing the impact of the Charity Challenge’s unique annual citywide competition that rewards businesses and their employees for giving back to some of Chicago’s…
Press Release · October 26, 2016
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Single days of volunteer service are exciting, moving, impactful, and inspiring. Getting a team of employees out to paint a school, build a playground, or read with dozens of children at the same time is great. But after a year or two of the ‘one and done’ volunteer events, many corporate employees hunger for more.…
Media · October 3, 2016
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Chicago Charity Challenge Once Again a Top 100 Nominee for Chicago Innovation Awards
Out of 643 applicants, the Chicago Charity Challenge is pleased to share that we have been selected as one of the Top 100 Nominees for the Chicago Innovation Award – the second year in a row! Below is the ad published in the Chicago Tribune on Thursday, September 15 with all of the phenomenal and…
Media · September 20, 2016
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Six Ways to Turn Your Corporate Philanthropy Efforts into a Long-Term Project
A single day of volunteer service can be exciting, moving, impactful, and inspiring for a company’s employees. But after a year or two of the ‘one and done’ volunteer events, many corporate employees hunger for more. To develop an enduring philanthropic relationship, multiple points of connection are needed. Here are six ways to move your…
Media · August 24, 2016
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Chicago Charity Challenge Returns To The Big Leagues
As many of this blog’s readers know, we love hearing – and highlighting – great initiatives that drive social change, social benefit, and social impact in Chicago. One of those initiatives involves corporate philanthropy – companies partnering with nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations to make a definite impact. Many readers are also aware that…
Media · August 8, 2016
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Chicago Charity Challenge Launches Third Annual Corporate Giving Competition
CNA employees enjoying their service day at Challenge partner Chicago Lights’ Urban Farm. Chicago, IL—July 25, 2016— The Chicago Charity Challenge launches the third year of its unique corporate giving competition by welcoming 16 company teams that are facing off in a one-of-a-kind annual contest that makes giving a team sport. The new and returning…
Press Release · July 29, 2016
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U.S. News & World Report: 4 Ways to Raise a Philanthropic Kid
When parents teach money lessons to their children, it’s a good time to incorporate the idea of charitable giving. Many children are naturally compassionate and there are ways parents can guide those thoughtful impulses. Experts in the philanthropic sector say parents can start at a very early age to encourage a charitable mindset in kids,…
Media · July 26, 2016
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CNA Announces Participation in 2016 Chicago Charity Challenge
CHICAGO, April 21, 2016 — CNA today announced its participation in the Chicago Charity Challenge, a nine-month competition in which businesses team with nonprofits and compete to contribute volunteer hours and money to Chicagoland charities. CNA has chosen Chicago Lights as its nonprofit partner and will engage with them throughout the remainder of 2016. “CNA…
Media · April 21, 2016
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Chicago Tribune Ad "Chicago Charity Challenge Awards Companies with Compassion"
Chicago Charity Challenge in Chicago Tribune on Friday, April 8, 2016
Press Release · April 19, 2016
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And Now... A Word From Our Sponsors
The Chicago Charity Challenge is proud to unveil a new video today showcasing the passion and support of our sponsors. See what they’re saying about Chicago’s first initiative that rewards businesses and their employees for giving back. Want to sponsor the Challenge? Email to learn more. Watch the video here.
Press Release · March 30, 2016
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Inside the Chicago Charity Challenge: Latham & Watkins LLP
One great thing about Chicago is a thriving community focused on corporate philanthropy. Amongst more community- and technology-based efforts, Chicago corporate philanthropy takes a unique approach, moving businesses beyond just monetary donations into building strong community partnerships. Chicago Charity Challenge focuses on building those relationships, with businesses and nonprofits focusing on joint efforts (insert…
Media · March 22, 2016
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How the Chicago Charity Challenge Reinvents Corporate Giving
Last year, more than 4,500 employees from 23 businesses competed in the Chicago Charity Challenge, a unique corporate giving contest designed to motivate participants to fundraise and volunteer. Affectionately dubbed “the Cha Cha,” the Chicago Charity Challenge is the only corporate giving initiative that harnesses the competitive spirit to maximize employee engagement. The challenge serves companies interested in developing more meaningful and ongoing relationships with their select charities.
Media · March 21, 2016
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The Chicago Charity Challenge is turning giving into sport
Stacey Rago, Executive Director of the Chicago Charity Challenge, joins Justin to talk about how the Chicago Charity Challenge is reinventing the tradition of corporate giving. They are also joined by Tom Koltun, the President of Kolcraft, the grand prize winner of the 2015 Chicago Charity Challenge. Listen to the interview at
Media · March 4, 2016
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Meeting Old and New Community Connections
Connection: a word that has multiple meanings within multiple contexts. For my professional life, it means both technological (through social media, online communications, mobile) and personal (friends, family, networking). In the past few weeks, I have been reengaging with the greater community after having to withdraw due to personal concerns (including one family member’s…
Media · February 29, 2016
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2015 Chicago Charity Challenge Award Winners
Chicago Charity Challenge Awards Grand Prize to Kolcraft and its Charity Partner March of Dimes for Exceptional 2015 Giving Partnership Chicago, IL—February 29, 2016 — The Chicago Charity Challenge, ( the nation’s foremost charitable organization that makes giving a team sport, named the winners of the 2015 Charity Challenge during…
Press Release · February 26, 2016
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Chicago Charity Challenge Awards Ceremony Honors Most Generous Employee Philanthropists
Chicago Charity Challenge Honors Most Generous Employee Philanthropists Feb. 26 at Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza ESPN Play-by-Play Announcer Mike Couzens is Master of Ceremonies Chicago, Ill. — February 8, 2016 — The Chicago Charity Challenge, the nation’s foremost charitable organization that makes giving a team sport, hosts its second annual…
Press Release · January 29, 2016
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Engaging employees in philanthropy
  Chicago Charity Challenge uses competition to increase employee giving – both fundraising and volunteerism – which increases capacity for participating Chicago area nonprofits. We are now registering teams for the 2016 season. See video on
Media · December 17, 2015
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Which City Is Making Charity A Hometown Game?
There’s nothing like a game to fire up friendly competition in the name of charity. These days, companies are finding challenges are such effective tools to engage employees that gamification has become a key aspect of many corporate volunteer and giving programs. These challenges can extend across departments, companies…
Media · November 23, 2015
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Chicago Charity Challenge spurs friendly competition over giving
Call One, a Chicago-based telecommunications technology firm, is making a big bet that friendly rivalry combined with data make companies more generous in their charitable giving. Founder Craig Foster launched the Chicago Charity Challenge, a nonprofit competition for businesses to out-donate each other in money and volunteer time to win a year-end bonus,…
Media · November 19, 2015
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Chicago Charity Challenge: A worthy gamble
Sometimes, taking a gamble can pay off. When I was invited to a charity night put on by Paul Hastings, I had let it go due to work commitments. Thankfully, I received a follow up and with a new window of opportunity this past Thursday night, attended their Casino Night event for Christopher House. There,…
Media · September 22, 2015
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Challenge Named Top 100 Finalist in Chicago Innovation Awards
Chicago, Ill. — September 16, 2015 — Chicago Charity Challenge has been selected as a Top 100 Finalist for the 2015 Chicago Innovation Awards, an honor that recognizes the value of the Charity Challenge’s annual citywide competition that rewards businesses and their employees for giving back. The judge’s decision to advance the Chicago Charity…
Press Release · September 16, 2015
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How to Keep On Giving Back
Josh Herz is President of Associated Agencies, a full-service brokerage firm based in Rolling Meadows, that is one of the top privately held agencies in the Midwest. Associated Agencies assists individuals and businesses with their property, casualty, employee benefits and individual insurance needs. We believe in giving back. It’s part of who…
Media · September 1, 2015
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Chicago Charity Challenge Teams Raise $5 Million
Chicago, Ill. — August 27, 2015 — The 24 businesses participating in Chicago Charity Challenge are making record-breaking strides this year, as they reach the midpoint of this unique citywide employee giving initiative. During its first four months, the 2015 Charity Challenge teams have raised nearly $5.4 million and donated nearly 15,000 volunteer hours. With…
Press Release · August 27, 2015
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Chicago Charity Challenge Welcomes 23 Area Businesses to Second Annual Corporate Giving Competition
Chicago, IL—June 15, 2015— The Chicago Charity Challenge welcomes 23 new and returning Chicago-area businesses whose employees will compete in this unique citywide corporate giving competition. The 2015 Charity Challenge teams include many who participated in the 2014 inaugural competition in addition to new companies drawn to the Challenge’s innovative model that deepens relationships between…
Press Release · June 16, 2015
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Think Good, It’s Friday!
The Chicago Community Trust launched its new website and plans to regularly share good news stories about philanthropy in Chicago. This week, the Chicago Charity Challenge was highlighted. “More good news from across the Web Do you cha cha? Trust me, even if you have two left feet, you can participate in the Chicago Charity…
Media · May 29, 2015
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How Charity Challenge Reinvents Corporate Giving
People want to work for and do business with companies that give to charities, whether in volunteer hours or financial contributions. As a result, corporations are increasingly seeking ways to show a tangible impact of their giving by going beyond the “one-and-done” form of charity events held within their business. In 2014, about 20 area…
Media · April 29, 2015
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5 Creative Ways for Businesses to Give Back
Volunteering or giving money to a worthy cause is awesome on its own. But why not make it interesting? One of the coolest aspects about businesses today is the impactful (and creative!) ways they give back. Finding the fun in charitable giving ignites a passion in your staff, promotes teamwork and builds wonderful memories. If…
Media · April 22, 2015
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2014 Challenge Award Winners Videos
Watch the five 2014 Challenge winners accept their awards at this years Chicago Charity Challenge award ceremony. The videos show how each winning team fully embraced our Challenge, made an impact on the community, and what brought them to win each of our 5 awards. Congrats to our winning teams and all the teams who…
Media · April 20, 2015
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Chicago Charity Challenge Kicks Off Second Year
CHICAGO (CBS) — Businesses go head-to-head all the time, and many of them will soon begin competing to see which can raise the most charity dollars and provide charity volunteer time from among their employees. It’s called the Chicago Charity Challenge, and this year is its second year. Executive director Stacey Rago said there were…
Media · April 14, 2015
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Engage Your Employees By Tapping into Their Super Powers
Giving to charity isn’t only good for your business’ marketing and PR efforts – it’s a platform to engage your staff. The topic of giving back to charity continues to creep into business websites and magazines time and again…and for good reason! In addition to the emotional reward of making a difference, charitable…
Media · April 10, 2015
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Chicago Tribune Advertisement
Ad in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, April 5th 2015 This half page advertisement was graciously donated to the Chicago Charity Challenge by the Chicago Tribune Company. Learn more about the Chicago Tribune’s commitment to helping our community by going to  
Media · April 5, 2015
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Paul Hastings Wins $10K for Nonprofit
Article from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Paul, Hastings LLP won the grand prize in a new competition event that will benefit Christopher House, a nonprofit organization which provides education programs to low-income, at-risk children and families. The firm participated in the Chicago Charity Challenge. The event has businesses compete to…
Media · March 27, 2015
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Challenge Honors Area Companies and Employees Who Competed in Corporate Giving Initiative
Chicago, IL—March 19, 2015 — The Chicago Charity Challenge launched registration for its 2015 citywide corporate giving competition with a celebration that honored the employees of Chicago-area companies and charities that made the Challenge’s inaugural 2014 season a smashing success. For eight months last year, more than 1,500 employees from a total of 20…
Media · March 19, 2015
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